You admit you will oversell the resources ! How do you expect me to buy from you ?

Yes. Unlike other hosts, we admit the resources on these plans are overcommited, this is nothing new under the sun, OpenVZ is build with overcommitment in mind. We don't do it on our other plans, and we ended up with servers which use about 30-50% of the capacity. Of course, performance is great, but some people go for the lowest price and the most resources and we decided to give them a choice. If OVerZold VMs work for them, fine ! If not, well, there are alternatives, even though more pricey ones.

How much will you oversell ?

Tough question, since we don't know yet... The most probable answer is, as much as we can while keeping acceptable performance and a stable server.

What do you mean by a stable server ?

A stable server is one which does not suffer from overcommit. Doesn't have load spikes of more than 2x the number of cores, doesn't crash, etc. However, keep in mind that the .32 kernel (the one with vswap) can crash even in non-oversold servers, there is nothing that can be done in this field, just hope OVZ developpers will come up with a more stable one in the future. At times servers have hundreds of days uptimes, we aim for the perfect hardware/kernel to achieve that goal, but there is no guarantee the server will stay up for a year or more, like the KVM/Xen ones, for example.
That being said, if the servers reboot more than once a few days, then we will move some vps to new servers.

Is (insert app name here) allowed ?

Probably yes. We do not allow Tor exit nodes, heavy disk usage such as busy databases, heavy torrenting, DDoS magnets such as video chat software (the camfrog server kind) and illegal apps/filesharing.
We allow VPN and other kind of proxy as long as it is not open (without pasword protected access), web servers, CDNs, remote desktop as long as it does not include things like automated youtube viewers and other heavy flash usage, IRC (but keep in mind we do not offer any kind of DDoS protection and we follow a strict 2 strikes and you are out policy), any application which is legal, is not a DDoS magnet and does not use more than a fair share of resources.
Look up our ToS/AUP for more detailed answer

What is abuse of resources and what should I expect if my usage is deemed abusive ?

Abuse of resources is any prolonged resources hogging which hinders the other users. If your load is constantly over your alloted cores number, if you consistenly go over 100 mbps network usage or have often peaks of 5-10 minutes over 300 mbps, if your disk usage is going consistently at a few MB/s or has peaks over 10 MB/s lasting for more than a couple of minutes, then you will probably hear from us.

We will not suspend you the first time, if your abuse is such that the server suffers badly, we will first turn off your VPS and inform you about what happened. If the abuse continues, we will suspend it but you can still ask for unsuspension offering a plan to cut off the abuse. If that doesnt happen, well, maybe you need a dedicated server or at least one with dedicated resources.

Do you offer back-up services ?

No, we do not. We offer a lot of options regarding back-up space (from simple FTP to full blown KVM virtualization with lots of space), but we will not take the back-ups for you, nor restore them. It is much more efficient for you to do it because nobody knows better what data is important and needs backing up.

Do you offer hosting panels such as cPanel and management ?

We offer only Direct Admin but you can use one of the free panels such as Kloxo or EHCP, but we do not offer any kind of management. You have root access, with great power comes great responsibility. If you cannot manage it yourself, we can offer shared hosting with cPanel, but right now we have no managed VPS plans.